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Welcome to Bonnie Wigs – Wigs Adelaide

Bonnie Wigs – Wigs Adelaide specialise on providing wigs and wig products for example; shampoo, conditioner, hair sheen, hair spray etc. Bonnie Wigs – Wigs Adelaide also provide hair accessories and brushes for example; turbans, scrunchies and clips. At Bonnie Wigs – Wigs Adelaide, we import only the finest Venetian & party masks from Italy. We also import exclusive jewellery from France and Greece.

Bonnie Wigs – Wigs Adelaide has been established since 1968. Built on old fashioned values of reliability, quality and affordability Bonnie Wigs – Wigs Adelaide  provide a variety of wig services and products, from hair accessories to Venetian masks. We, at Bonnie Wigs – Wigs Adelaide, pride ourselves on our expert knowledge and the exceptional service we offer.

Services Bonnie Wigs – Wigs Adelaide Provide:

  • Large Range of 100% Human Hair Wigs & Clip in Extensions
  • Extensive Range of the Fashion Style Wigs in Beautiful Blended Colours
  • Professional Advice by Fully Qualified Hairdressers
  • Exquisite Jewellery from Europe & Australia
  • Simply Italian Jewellery - Pearl Necklaces & Pearl Earings
  • Stunning Venetian Masks All Hand Crafted in Venice, Italy
  • Large Range of Traditional Russian Matroyshka Nesting Dolls
  • Russia Pieces e.g.; Chess Sets, Music Boxes, Colourful Pencil Cases & More
  • Private Fitting Room
  • Kate Finn Dolls, Gollys & Toys (Large Selection)

Why Choose Bonnie Wigs – Wigs Adelaide?

At Bonnie Wigs – Wigs Adelaide, our focus is on delivering high quality wig services and products at a competitive price to all our customers in the Adelaide area. If you are looking for a friendly and reliable wig provider at an affordable price, give Bonnie Wigs – Wigs Adelaide a call today!

For more information about our wig services and products at Bonnies Wig’s – Wigs Adelaide, call 08 8223 5594


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Bonnie Wigs
Wigs Adelaide
 08 8223 5594
 08 8223 7222
 6 & 8 Ground Floor Adelaide Arcade
Adelaide, SA

Business Hours:

Mon to Fri 9.30am - 5.30pm

Sat 10.30am - 4.00pm


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